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Hose Reel System

Hose reel systems are commonly used in firefighting, industrial settings, and gardening to provide easy access to hoses while keeping them organized and protected from damage.

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Fire Hydrant System

A fire hydrant system is a network of underground pipes, valves, and hydrants designed to provide a readily available water supply for firefighting purposes.

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Fire Alarm System

A conversable and addressable fire alarm system is an advanced fire detection and notification system that offers enhanced communication and precise identification of devices within a building.

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Refilling & New Install

Both fire extinguisher refilling and new installations should be carried out by qualified individuals or companies experienced in fire safety services.

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CO2 & FM200 flooding systems

These systems are designed to provide rapid and effective fire suppression without causing additional damage to sensitive & valuable assets.

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Fire Blankets

A fire blanket is a safety device used to smother small fires or wrap around a person to protect them from fire.

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Automated Fire Balls

Automated Fire Balls, also known as fire suppression balls or fire extinguishing balls, are innovative fire safety devices designed to automatically suppress fires.

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Fire Protection & Detection

Fire protection and detection services encompass a range of measures and systems aimed at preventing, detecting, and suppressing fires to ensure the safety of people and propert

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All Items Repair

These repair services typically involve diagnosing the issue, replacing faulty components, fixing damaged parts, and restoring the item to its working condition.